Traditionally, Database systems are viewed as passive data storage. Finite data sets are stored in traditional Database Systems and retrieved when needed. But applications such as sensor networks, network monitoring, retail transactions, and others, produce infinite data sets. A new system is under research and development, known as Data Stream Management System (DSMS), to deal with the infinite data sets. In DSMS, Data stream is a continuous source of sequential data. In Object-Oriented languages, like C/C++ and Java, the concept of stream does exist. The stream is viewed as a channel to which data is being inserted at one end and retrieved from the other end. To the database world, stream is a relatively new concept. In DSMS, data is processed on-line. Due to its very nature, the data fed to application through Data Stream can get lost, as it is never stored. This makes Data Stream non-persistent. Unlike this, Database Systems are persistent, which is the basis of my hypothesis. My hypothesis is Data Stream Management System and Database System can be combined under the same concepts and Data Stream can be made persistent. In this project, I have used an embedded database as a middleware to cache the data that is fed to an application through Data Stream. The embedded database is directly linked to the application that requires access to the stored data and is faster compared to a conventional database management system. Storing the streaming data in an embedded database makes Data Stream persistent. In the system developed, embedded database also stores the history of data from Database System. Now, any query that is run against the embedded database will generate combined result from Data Streams and Database Systems. An application is developed, using Active Collection Framework as a test bed, to prove the concept.

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Master's Project

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Computer Science (GCCIS)


Raj, Rajendra

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Bischof, Hans-Peter

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Butler, Zack


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