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Based on Kosovo’s Government budget, over the past ten years an average rate of 2.30 % of total capital investment went to the maintenance and renovation of government office buildings (see figure below). At this rate for the period of 2015-2025, approximately €144 Million will be budgeted for Government buildings. This capstone project has assessed long term tentative plans to accommodate government institutions. In a new site and out of city center location it considered the future planning for permanent accommodation of civil servants out of the city center. The total cost for this new site is estimated to be projected €103 Million. The new site will achieve better functioning of government institutions and will provide the best facilities for the twenty-first century. The five main recommendations in this capstone project are as follows: 1. To collect all the government institution in one place. This will improve the collaboration between institutions, saving time and decreasing the logistic expenditure. This solution will directly affect the success of institutions and the result will be visible sooner. 2. Government should make major cost savings by selecting an out of city center location for a new government complex. For the period 2015-2025 the potential capital savings could be from € 40 to 93 Million. The new out of city center site will provide superior working space and will fulfill needs of employees based on EU standards. 3. The architecture of current situation of center of Pristine is more than chaos. It was sooner built than planned. It is very hard, and maybe impossible to make a good solution in the center of City. As a result it might be a good opportunity to develop a new site of Prishtinë outside of the city. 4. Returning social buildings to the original owners means the returning the identity and values of the center of the city and also developing commercial growth in down town area like it was planned when was built in 1970 - 1980.

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Bowen, Brian


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