Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) microscopy is magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) on a small scale. The purpose of this study was to develop an NMR microscope capable of producing tomographic images of 5 mm objects. The microscope was developed around an existing Bruker 300 MHz NMR spectrometer with a three orthogonal axis gradient coil set. Computer code for generating tomographic images was written and images were obtained of various standard test objects, referred to as phantoms. Phantoms were created to mathematically evaluate and document features such as in-plane resolution, and slice thickness. An in-plane resolution of 118 μm and a slice thickness of 0.8 mm were readily obtained on 5 mm diameter objects. Smaller values may be obtainable with signal averaging. Typical images are presented. The NMR microscope and software developed by this research is available in the RIT Department of Chemistry for use by RIT faculty and students.

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