Yusuke Oda


A cellular phone is hard to handle for older people in terms of interface and function. In this thesis, the word "interface" stands for hardware and software interface and the word "older people" refers to Japanese people who are over 60 years old. Fundamentally, the interface must be easy to handle and convenient. In addition, it must be easy to access all of the functions that the user needs. However, it is questionable whether the interface and function of the present cellular phones are taking older people into consideration. Thus, the purpose of this thesis is to consider new interface design and function of cellular phones for older people. This paper will focus on an interface design and function for an old person whose eyesight and hearing are beginning to weaken and an old person who is not dexterous and cannot freely move his/her hands like a young person. First of all, current state of affairs of cellular phones will be examined and the problems older people have with the present designs and functions of cellular phones will be considered. Therefore, a Web site that explains a hardware interface, a software interface, and function of cellular phone is shown. Moreover, will be clarified the problems that cellular phones present to older people on the basis of a survey. Finally, based on the results of the survey of older people, the interface design and functions that must be equipped with cellular phones using figures will be illustrated. The interface and function will be useful and will satisfy their needs.

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Cell phones--Design and construction; Technology and older people; Communication devices for people with disabilities; Technology and older people--Research--Japan; Older people with disabilities; Older people with visual disabilities

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Information Sciences and Technologies (MS)

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Information Sciences and Technologies (GCCIS)


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