An experiment was performed to investigate the information capacity of Ilford Cibachrome Micrographic Film type CMM.F7, Kodak Aerial Color Film type SO-242, and Kodak Vericolor Print Film type 4111. The results indicated that the filmSj-had binary single layer information capacities of 9.51 x 10 , 3.27 x 10 , and 0.87 x 10 bits per square centimeter respectively. It was estimated that the CMM.F7 material was capable of resolving three density levels for c trilayer multilevel capacity of 45.2 x 10 bits per square centimeter, followed by SQ-242 and 4111 with five and six levels yielding 22.8 x 10 and 6.72 x 10 bits per square centimeter respectively for trilayer multilevel recording. Some models for determination of information capacity were discussed as was application of the experiment to optical disk recording.

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Color photography--Films--Technological innovations; Optical storage devices; Optical films; Image processing

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Imaging Science (MS)


Jerald LeBlanc


RIT – Main Campus