Recovery techniques are an important aspect of database systems. They are essential to ensure that data integrity is maintained after any type of failure occurs. The recovery mechanism must be designed so that the availability and performance of the system are not unacceptably impacted by the recovery algorithms running during normal execution. On the other hand, enough information must be stored so that the database can be restored or transactions backed out in a reasonable amount of time. Concepts, techniques, and problems associated with database recovery will be presented in this thesis. The recovery issues for both centralized and distributed systems will be discussed, along with the tradeoffs of different recovery tools. The database recovery schemes in IMS/VS, DB2 and SDD-1 will be described to show approaches in existing systems.

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Database management; Database management--Evaluation

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Computer Science (MS)

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Computer Science (GCCIS)


Henry Etlinger

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Peter Anderson

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Jeffrey Lasky


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