GPSS (General Purpose System Simulator) is a language, designed to aid the computer modeling and simulation of a wide variety of different real life systems. As with any other large programming project, debugging GPSS programs is unavoidable and often difficult. The present thesis describes an Interactive Visual Debugging System for GPSS/H which attempts to simplify the debugging task by allowing the programmer to observe the actual behavior of the model in simulated real time, while preserving all traditional interactive debugging tools - breakpoints, system traps, selective displays, etc. The present version of the Interactive Visual Debugger is developed for the UNIX operating system and is written in the ‘C’ programming language. The system can be readily used on all terminals capable of running the UNIX ‘curses’ library package. Because of its modular design, the system can be modified to accommodate additional terminal types, or to run under different operating systems.

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UNIX (Computer file); GPSS (Computer program language); Debugging in computer science

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Computer Science (MS)

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Computer Science (GCCIS)


Guy Johnson

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Peter Anderson

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Chris Comte


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