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A Turan set system, T(n, I, k), is a k -uniform hypergraph on n points, such that any subset of / vertices contains at least one edge. The Turan number T{n, l, k) is the minimal number of edges in any Turan set system T(n,l,k). The known nontrivial values of Turan numbers are rare. Using the algorithm turexp for extending T(n, I, k) systems to 7(n+1, I, k) systems and procedures nauty for determining the automorphism group of a graph, the new Turan numbers 7(13, 4, 3), 7(11, 5, 3), 7(12, 5, 3), 7(13, 5, 3) are determined, a new lower bound for 7(14, 5, 3) is given, the Turan numbers 7(10, 4, 3), 7(11, 4, 3), 7(12, 4, 3) are confirmed to be the same as the previous unpublished results of other authors, and all minimal Turan T(n, 4, 3) (n < 12), 7(n, 6, 5) (n < 9), T(n, 5, 3) (n < 13) are obtained.

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