The purpose of my thesis, "The Secret", is to let a user experience a piece of life and learn how to respect the important secrets of nature by the method of adventure games. In this project I have used an opening animation to bring the user to Africa and several entrances to reach the different games as well as a main room to give the user hints and choices of games. There are five games to test the capabilities of the user: A room which has two doors to try the user's luck and a skeleton to examine the wisdom of user. These five games and the whole concept of the project are based on reality. "This is not a game. It is a piece of life, but life is one way. There is no way back." In the opening animation, I wrote these sentences to make the user think about choices in life. Generally, in people's daily lives, they may encounter several problems. Some of them are easy to solve but some are not. Users may need to pay a lot of attention and use knowledge and strength to solve the problems. Sometimes, everything might be useless but luck. In this thesis, I not only use the concepts for solving problems but also give idea of protecting our environment. A great invention or discovery may improve our lives. However, in some different points of view a discovery may change the order or Introduction balance of nature. A statement which was made in the movie "Jurassic Park" was very interesting and described my concept well. It said, "God created dinosaurs, God destroyed dinosaurs, God created human beings, human beings destroyed God and human beings created dinosaurs." In my opinion, scientists or anyone else should not invent or discover something without considering the results. Intelligence and wisdom are always totally different. Introduction

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Computer games--Design; Computer games--Themes, motives; Computer graphics--Technique; Computer animation--Technique

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School of Film and Animation (CIAS)


Kurtz, Steve

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