Ali Alquraini


Siamese fighting fish also known as “Betta fish” is one of the most well known fresh water fish around the world. Their beautiful colors and long finnage is one of the reasons in which most people are familiar with these fish. Also their unique labyrinth organ that helps this fish to get oxygen from the air made it easy for people to adopt. Over the past five years, I have been adopting Bettas from different countries around the world such as Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and United States. During this time I have met a lot of Betta lovers which made me notice how they were really interested in breeding these creatures. But the problem is undertaking a Betta spawning project is a bit more of a challenge for people who are new to this field. I researched both books and online websites trying to find an answer for this question which made me discover that this area is lacking in Interactive web content. Therefore, I will try to use my design skills to help improving Betta fish lover’s websites by creating an online website that allows you to try the experience of breeding Bettas interactively. If flash interactivity were used in this field, will it be the best choice for people to easily understand the process of breeding Bettas and learn more about them? My thesis is an exploration in designing online content that uses multiple media formats to support Betta fish breeding. Divided in to four main sections, this thesis will offer general information about Betta fish, will explain their diet and how to take a good care of them, will offer an interactive high quality image gallery, and will allow the user to try and breed Bettas interactively in order to make him succeed in it in real time.

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Interactive multimedia--Design; Computer graphics--Design; Siamese fighting fish--Breeding--Interactive multimedia; Computer-assisted instruction--Design

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School of Design (CIAS)


Schweppe, Marla

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