Hui Yu Ruan


Recently, it is very common in Asia that people put little toys on their office desks. It doesn’t mean they sometimes have their kids visiting them nor they are not grown up yet. These are toys, which can soothe their stress from work. I am always attracted by toys and also animations designed or directed by many artists and designers. In this fantasy world of toys, there may not be only human beings. As in Hayao Miyazaki’s animation “Spirited Away,” where there was a magic world ruled by a witch; and there was also an old spider man, a frog manager and even coals that were animated into cute little creatures. Imagination is unlimited; we can even fly or speak animal language in this world. In this fantasy world, figures and stories are not only just imaginations, but sometimes they become ideas for new technology. I believe imagination provides diversity and introduces more surprise and joys in our lives. With this magic of our minds, I intended to create a fantastic environment. At first I had created a planet and also some creatures. While I was creating these characters, there was a story coming up as if I was reading a storybook. The characters had their personalities and different missions to achieve. These became the opening animations of this project and then came the game. I was hoping users would feel more familiar to this environment in the game and closer to the creatures and the space I had created.

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Computer games--Design; Interactive multimedia--Design

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School of Design (CIAS)


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