Kyunghee Lee


In our current economic state, instant gratification from the satisfaction by the real time products and services and experiences are in demand for consumers. As a result, there are several if not many of these real-time base services that have arisen from what the consumers' desire. During the research, I have witnessed the phenomenon that would fit the criteria. The perfect example would be the popularity of meals on wheels in the United States. Setting a new trend in the fast food market, the food truck industry has reached the numbers well over the thousands and still counting with their own unique ideas and innovations. I can confidently say, with the rise of the food truck industry, we have observed the decline of stationary restaurants. But, unlike the mobile counterpart, the stationary restaurants still have one distinct advantage; consumers know where to find them. For example, when struck with a craving for tacos, it is easier to Google a Mexican restaurant down the street, rather than to track down a taco truck. To counterstrike the stationary opposition to quench the hunger for the food truck enthusiasts, several apps have been created. The applications general idea is to pin point gourmet food trucks on mobile maps to even the reliability of playing fields via Twitter feeds, GPS and truck-reported location data. While none of which has achieved an exhaustive or completely accurate system, the search still continues for trucks for users depending on their location. During the present market condition, I am certain of making an accurate and effective real-time information service would be an interesting subject to approach in satisfying users and business owners desires. In demand of real-time information services, I will create a prototype for a food truck information service, inclusive of real-time location service; GPS, mobile tracking, truck-reported data and alert service. The consumers and the food truck owners will both come out as winners, with relaying precise information via real time communication devices. As a student studying the art of user experience and interaction design, goal of this study is to figure out how to enhance the user friendly interface along with meeting the expectations of actual consumers. In order to have a deeper understanding about interaction between users and real time location applications to heighten the level of services, I am willing to go above and beyond with through research to develop a next generation real time app during this project. Another critical factor that I, a user experience designer would point out would be communication. A key factor in completing the task, finding a significant way of communication method would be an additional goal throughout this project.

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Application software--Development; Food trucks--Information resources--Design; User interfaces (Computer systems)--Design

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School of Design (CIAS)


Foster, Shaun

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Smith, Adam


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