A literature review is provided concerning the subject of radiative heat transfer interactions of real molecular gases with the additional modes of heat transfer, conduction and convection, in laminar and turbulent flow in circular pipes. The review is composed of four sections. Section 1 provides basic heat transfer theory for laminar and turbulent flow in circular pipes. The differential equations for conservation of mass, momentum, and energy are briefly developed. Heat transfer solutions and techniques are discussed for cases where radiative heat transfer is neglected. Section 2 provides basic transport theory for radiative heat transfer in participatory media. A macroscopic viewpoint is taken. Scattering is included for completeness, but scattering phenomena are not discussed in the succeeding sections. Section 3 discusses the microscopic approach to radiative interactions of real molecular gases. Basic quantum-mechanical concepts are given. A review is also provided of absorption-emission models and correlations. Section k reviews 16 works on the subject of radiative interactions with absorbing-emitting gases in laminar and turbulent flow in circular pipes. The first work reviewed is that of T. H. Einstein in 1963. The last reviewed is that of Nakra and Smith in 1977. A search through available literature did not reveal additional works on this subject through 1982.

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Heat--Transmission; Heat--Radiation and absorption

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Mechanical Engineering (KGCOE)


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