The objective for the CV Joint Test Stand Thesis is to design and develop a test stand that will allow the ability to test a constant velocity (CV) joint with a computer interface for data collection. This thesis concentrates on two separate sections, one is the specification of equipment and computer program for data collection, and the second is a moderate outlook on signature analysis of the system. The APRA (Automotive Parts Rebuilders Association) along with the National Center for Remanufacturing and Resource Recovery (NCRRR) are dedicated to the quality and the need for better remanufacturing techniques. The specification of the equipment includes instruments such as an infrared thermocouple, accelerometer, microphone, and a magnetic particle brake. The infrared (IR) thermocouple will be used to check the temperature of the CV Joint. This type of thermocouple was chosen since it does not need to be permanently mounted on the object it is reading. An accelerometer is used to provide vibration analysis information for the system. The magnetic particle brake will be needed to provide a torque to simulate road like-conditions and to accurately investigate the system. The computer interface will utilize Labview to control and monitor the system during operation. Programming will be done in Labview to complete these tasks. Data files can then be exported to Matlab for further analysis. Finally, a conservative look at the signature analysis of the system will be done to try and correlate CV joint ball wear with noise. No attempt will be made to correlate CV joint wear with temperature and/or vibration at this time. However, this instrumentation can be used for future research.

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Universal joints--Testing

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