In this design project an elastic drive belt system is optimized using an algorithm of automated optional design, AOD. First, some basic background information on AOD and elastic drive belt systems is reviewed. An elastic drive belt system configuration is defined, mathematically formulated, and optimized. The mathematical formulation, including a set of constraints, is completely derived. It is set up to be as general as possible so that it may be applied to a wide variety of different problems. In several places the formulation uses the recommendations of an elastic drive belt manufacturer for a good design. A sample design problem is optimized using the A0D-P519RE algorithm of AOD. The following optimization studies are carried out: 1. Minimization of bearing load 2. Maximization of power transmission 3 Minimization of power requirement Standard belt material compounds and thicknesses are considered. To illustrate the usefulness of algorithms of AOD, an existing hand calculation design method for elastic drive belt systems is demonstrated. These two techniques are then compared as design optimization tools. It is shown that an algorithm of AOD is superior for this purpose. At the conclusion of this project several detailed discussions regarding the work and results are presented. The AOD search process, derivation of the final equation set, significance of the results, and other items are analyzed. A set of final design recommendations for the sample problem are given and a list of conclusions is presented.

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Belt drives; Belt drives--Mathematical models; Mathematical optimization

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Mechanical Engineering (KGCOE)


Johnson, Ray

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Venkert, P.

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Marletcar, P.


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