Eui-Shin Kim


This thesis introduces an analysis, fabrication and testing of a //-cantilever. First, the theoretical method used to analyze the deflection of a micro-beam with two supports and switching voltage is introduced. The results are compared to an I-DEAS simulation. Second, the theoretical approach is modified in order to be suitable for the actual //- cantilever beam model because the material, geometry and the type of structure have been changed. The switching voltage of each beam size is predicted using the modified method. Third, a series of single //-cantilever beams are designed according to the MEMS design rules. Using the facilities at Semiconductor and Microsystems Fabrication Laboratory at RIT, the //-beams are fabricated and the switching voltages of each beam are measured. The detailed explanation of each fabrication step, measurement and testing method are described in this thesis. Finally, the results from the theoretical approach are compared to those from testing. Testing results show that for varying the beam dimensions, the trend in predicted switching voltage is similar to the experimental data. As the beam gets longer, a stronger sticking effect is present. From the testing of the micro-devices, it was found that the beam width does not influence the switching voltage very much. The two beams with the same length showed the almost same switching voltage even though the width is different from each other. So, the minimum width of //-beam can be an optimized design to minimize the use of wafer. Large //-beams (more than 100 //m width and 1000 //m length) are not recommended. Considering the etching process and testing convenience for the large //-beams, a much larger space pad for probing is required. The //-beam is deflected and contacted to the wafer by applying the switching voltage and recovered by removing the voltage applied in both theory and experiment. This single cantilever //-beam, therefore, can be used as an actuator.

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Actuators; Electromechanical devices; Microelectronics

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Mechanical Engineering (KGCOE)


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