Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC) are solid state energy conversion devices that operate at high temperatures (800 to 1000 ±C). Their inherent advantage of fuel flexibility, tolerance to impurities, faster chemical kinetics with non precious catalyst materials and capability of supporting bottoming cycle components make them an attractive proposition for energy generation in comparison to other fuel cell technologies. To assist the advancement of this technology, this work develops dynamic, computer-based, mathematical models of an Auto-thermal reformer (ATR) based SOFC system with Jet Propellant-8 as the fuel to the ATR. Limitations in the existing models of SOFC systems lie in handling of complex hydrocarbon mixtures and also in simulating start up conditions. Although experimental data necessary to model these accurately is currently not available, this work puts forth a structured method for model development and management. Hierarchical libraries are developed herein, allowing easy modification of the models on multiple levels for simulation of various SOFC system configurations, which can help in improving accuracy as and when experimental data is accessible. The comprehensive model consists of submodels for individual components, namely, the fuel cell stack, an ATR reformer, boiler, mixer, heat exchangers, pump, blower, and bottoming cycle components like Stirling engine. Essential dynamics such as heat transfer, chemical kinetics, electrochemistry, thermodynamics and pressure dynamics can be analyzed through the simulation results. In addition, the model will also capture phase change phenomenon in the form of boiling, vaporization and condensation to incorporate liquid hydrocarbon and water.

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Solid oxide fuel cells--Mathematical models; Solid oxide fuel cells--Computer simulation

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Mechanical Engineering (KGCOE)


Das, Tuhin


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