Jean Xydias


This is a right angle gear drive design where helical and spiral bevel gears are being used. Because of the high speed ratio (1800/18 , input/output), three reductions were applied. Two helical gear sets were used in the first and second reductions (one each), and a spiral bevel set was used at the final reduction. The gears were mounted on four shafts, with the first and last shafts (output and input shafts) carrying one gear each straddle mounted, and the second and third shafts carrying two gears each, overhung mounted. The design was based on a criterion that was set for every element and was carried out in sequence; i.e. gears, shafts, bearings and housing. The high speed shaft and the bevel pinion shaft were made one piece with the pinions. The housing was made out of three parts: The main housing, which is to house the bevel gear set and to hold the oil; the high speed housing, which is to house the high speed helical gear set and support the high speed bearings; and the rear cover, which is to house the intermediate gear set (second reduction).

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