The design problem concerning my thesis proposal was rather simple and clear-cut, the solution was certainly going to be more complex. the challenge for me was to create and develop a new organization identity for the Technical Association of the Graphics Arts (TAGA), an organization concerned and dedicated to the science and technology of the graphic arts. The original identity of TAGA lacked visual excitement, vitality and, above all, a cohesive and consistent appearance as it was used on printed applications. It also lacked a mark or symbol appropriate for an organization dealing in the field of graphic arts research and development. After examining and evaluating carefully TAGA's identity, Managing Director Leonard Leger and Membership/Publicity Vice President Charles Rinehart of TAGA, my chief advisor, Roger Remington and myself unanimously agreed that TAGA needed a new and more contemporary identity. This new identity, however eventually turning out, ideally would represent TAGA in a more fitting way for an organization that deals in the graphic arts field. It would also enhance TAGA's professional image, both here in the United States as well as internationally. As David Carter says, "An organization's corporate identity should be equal to the organization's level of capabilities." Therefore, TAGA's identity needed a more professional and visually appropriate look, one that could match its image and reputation as a leader in the field of printing science.

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Industrial design coordination--Technique; Industrial design coordination--Specimens; Technical Association of the Graphic Arts

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School of Art (CIAS)


Remington, Roger

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Zakia, Richard

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Smith, Charles


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