What is meant by life in pots? Animals drawn on the sides? Arms and legs sprouting out from the clay walls? a big face on the side like those horrible mugs you see in tacky gift shops? Is it a quality in the throwing? A tiny piece of clay frozen out of place on the wall? A fat round shape that may speak of pregnancy or over-eating? Gooey slip dripping off the sides? A distorted portion: lip, foot, wall? A disoriented pot, leaning on its left foot? A drunk pot, ready to fall over? It it none of these, but rather a quality in the color or texture? A mark left by the fire? Or a combination of all of it? Is it something more esoteric, like a spirit coming from the life of the maker through the pot and displaying itself in an indescribable way? Maybe it is all just nonsense, because we all know clay is just stuff from the earth that becomes hard after it is subjected to heat.

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