Metamaterials is a class of materials that do not exist naturally. This kind of material has interesting properties that differ from subclass to another and are researched for its numerous potential usages. One of these subclasses is negative index materials (NIMs). This subclass has special properties that make its refractive index negative. Trying to take advantage of this property in photonic structures has led to many new and interesting photonic structures that can be used in industry. One application that makes use of NIMs properties is the NIM-PIM DC. NIM-PIM DC, which is a photonic structure that is made of two parallel waveguides where one of them is made of PIM materials while the other one is made of NIM materials with a coupling region between them, can provide some new features to photonic circuits, and one of these features is optical feedback. So, it can be used in a photonic devices and components that need a feedback. This thesis studies for the first time the ability to manage and control the lasing behavior of an active NIM-PIM DC by changing the coupling between the two waveguides. starting from coupled-mode equations considering the structure's limitations and conditions, the lasing governing equations have been derived, analyzed, and tested using mathematical forms and MATLAB plots. The governing equations that are studied here are eigen-value, transmittivity, and reflectivity equations of a NIM-PIM DC structure. Many different cases have been investigated and demonstration of single-mode and multi-mode lasing behavior has been reported. These cases include the variation in waveguide gain, loss, and variation of possible coupling coefficients. A full and complete image of NIM-PIM DC lasing behavior of all possible variation in gains and coupling coefficients has been clearly reported for the first time.

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Directional couplers--Optical properties; Metamaterials

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Electrical, Computer and Telecommunications Engineering Technology (CAST)


Maywar, Drew


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