This work involved the development of a unique imaging device utilizing vacuum microelectronic field emitter tip arrays (FEAs) and CCDs. The device offers the potential for higher resolution than any other write head technology (such as LED and laser etc.) currently used in Xerographic copiers and computer printers. In addition, the possibility of true-color output exists. A discussion of the CCD Emitter's applications and advantages over existing devices will be presented. As part of the development of the device, layouts for a 10-pixel linear array device and other test structures were created as part of a CCD/FEA test chip. The bulk of the work, however, was the development of a process for fabrication of these devices using standard silicon integrated circuit processing techniques. Results of the development of the fabrication sequence, based on RTFs n-well CMOS process, will be presented. Included, will be the presentation of SEM photographs of a finished FEA and the optimization of TMA SUPREM-3 process simulations to match experimental results. The presentation will be summarized by a discussion of the application of the fabrication process in a manufacturing environment and recommendations for future fabrication and testing of the entire CCD Emitter device at RIT.

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Charge coupled devices; Transistors; Field emission

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Electrical Engineering (KGCOE)


Fuller, Lynn

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Edwards, Jon


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