Ali Atalay


Due to their wide availability, networks of workstations (NOW) are an attractive platform for parallel processing. Parallel programming environments such as Parallel Virtual Machine (PVM), and Message Passing Interface (MPI) offer the user a convenient way to express parallel computing and communication for a network of workstations. Currently, a number of MPI implementations are available that offer low (average ) latency and high bandwidth environments to users by utilizing an efficient MPI library specification and high speed networks. In addition to high bandwidth and low average latency requirements, mission critical distributed applications, audio/video communications require a completely different type of service, guaranteed bandwidth and worst case delays (worst case latency) to be guaranteed by underlying protocol. The hypothesis presented in this paper is that it is possible to provide an application a low level reliable transport protocol with performance and guaranteed bandwidth as close to the hardware on which it is executing. The hypothesis is proven by designing and implementing a reliable high performance message passing protocol interface which also provides the guaranteed bandwidth to MPI and to mission critical distributed MPI applications. This protocol interface works with the Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI) driver which has been designed and implemented for Performance Technology Inc. commercial high performance FDDI product, the Station Management Software 7.3, and the ADI / MPICH (Argonne National Laboratory and Mississippi State University's free MPI implementation).

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Computer network protocols; Computer networks; Data transmission systems

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Computer Engineering (KGCOE)


Shaaban, Muhammad

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Chang, Tony


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