Color variation with respect to dot misregister is a phenomenon that has long been observed in the color printing industry. In this paper the relationship between dot misregister and color change in dot-on-dot multicolor halftone printing has been investigated for the additive primaries red, green and blue. By measuring the color difference between in and out-of-register dots the direction of color shift and its magnitude can be determined along with the decrease in lightness of out-of-register samples. Misregistered red and green samples displayed a yellow color shift and misregistered blue samples displayed a purple color shift. The lightness of all samples also decreased with misregister relative to their respective in register samples. By using the theoretical Neugebauer equations the tristimulus values of a halftone color can be mathematically determined. Raising these theoretically determined tristimulus values to an nth power gives the actual tristimulus values of a sample. In this study the n-value was determined to be 0.971 + 0.022.

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Color printing; Photoengraving--Halftone process

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School of Photographic Arts and Sciences (CIAS)


Granger, Edward


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