Frank Vanek


There are many methods for designing the Cooke Triplet Anastigmat. In this thesis, one of them is programmed into a computer in BASIC language. Because of the length of the program, it had to be split into two separate programs using a data file to save data produced by the first and needed by the second. The first program uses the equation for system power, and the equations for Petzval curvature, longitudinal and lateral chromatic aberrations, space ratio to solve for the powers and spacings of the elements. Solution is accomplished by the Crout method of simultaneous equation solution and by iteration. The second program solves for the bendings of the elements. Assuming a value for the first curvature, it solves for the second and third using the equations for coma and astigmatism, respectivly. The value of spherical aberration is used to check the result, and if not correct a new value is calculated for the first cuvature. The program was checked by carrying through an example that was also solved by hand, and comparing the results. The program has successfully solved two examples.

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Carson, John


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