The focus of this study was to determine the specific moisture content of several different papers that were exposed to four different relative humidity environments at approximately 30 degrees centigrade. This was done in order to see if the amount of water present in a sheet of paper affects the drying rate of drying oil inks. This in turn was done so that we would be able to determine if the rate at which this ink dries and its corresponding increase in viscosity affected the tack or "stickiness" which is vital to thermographic printing applications. The addition of moisture to paper as it is printed lithographically is known to retard the complete drying of drying oil inks. However, in this study, the concern was centered on the role of moisture hygroscopically trapped within the fibers of paper before it enters the lithographic press and its effect on the initial phases of ink drying where the applied ink film is at its tackiest. The relationship of the drying rate of drying oil ink to thermographic printing is rooted in the application of a finely ground plastic resin to a freshly printed ink film. Tack is usually an important consideration on the press due to the nature of the lithographic system and the principles of ink splitting and trapping. Here, however, the tack of the printed ink surface is of concern due to reception and required retention of plastic resin as is the procedure in thermographic printing. The goal of this endeavor was to more fully understand the influence paper moisture has on the tack of drying oil ink and to make conclusions on the conditions that prove to be preferable for maximum ink tack results.

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Thermography (Copying process); Printing ink--Drying; Paper--Printing properties

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School of Media Sciences (CIAS)


Silver, Julius


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