With the explosion of the Internet there are abundant opportunities for budding authors (writers and designers). Their content can be eaily posted on the Web and accessed by a wide reader base through WWW. However, this on-demand and on-site publishing is limited to on-screen viewing and desktop printing. As more and more books and materials are accessed, there is growing need for on-demand printed copies. Ordering a printed copy is still a traditional business which limits amature authors and users from getting easy access to them. Some of the on-line bookstores provide only the purchase transactions through on-line, while the printing itself is done through traditional process. Some of the growing needs of on-demand printing include: getting a printed copy of a electronic Thesis material, printed copy of selective sections of a User Manual, revised pages of a Book. This thesis project involves a thorough study of a Model to facilitate on-demand print of documents available in Internet covering such issues like quality, speed, copyright, security, bandwidth, royalty and delivery. A working project will be developed, demonstrating the Model, using a Docutech Printer. The steps involved in setting up a work flow to facilitate on-demand printing of an Internet document using Interdoc/Docutech work flow will be documented. This work could be further extended to adopt to the evolving "Collaborated Publishing" concept widely being discussed for use in the Academic Society.

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On-demand printing; Internet

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