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A Kodak Model 101 sensitometer has been improved from the original design and also been made more versatile so as to be able to expose a greater variety of general-purpose films. Improving the machine has been accomplished by modifying the shutter to produce an exposure time of 1/20 second instead of 1/5 second, thus eliminating reciprocity law failure from calculations, and also complying with the American National Standards Institute specification for exposing continuous -tone films. The previous tungsten lamp has been replaced with a tungsten-halogen lamp. Versatility has been added to the machine by introducing a xenon-flash lamp in the existing lamphouse. Simplicity in operation has been maintained, considering that either system uses the same button for making exposures. One additional control for selecting either source has been added. Both systems perform with 2% repeatability and 2% uniformity across the exposing surface. A system accuracy of + 5% is assigned.

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Photography--FilmsPhotographic sensitometry

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Carson, John


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