The emergence of multiple home computers and the need to network them together are dramatically increasing in our society. At the same time, more and more methods of networking home computers are being developed. As our society becomes more reliant on using digital devices in our everyday lives, the possibility of a "smart" home can actually become a reality. My thesis will research currently available home automation products, and will propose a complete smart home system using current and possible future technologies. It will also include the various services that can be offered via home networking and automation. There are several component areas that must be considered and combined to create the complete system. Some of these areas include communications, device control, temperature, security, and most important, the user interface. One of the main components of the system will be the concept of a "console", which will be the primary interface. My thesis will explore different kinds of consoles using existing and proposed technology, how they can be internetworked together to form a complete communications system, and how they can be connected to the outside world. The feasibility of offering home automation services using these consoles is another area that will be explored. For instance, can a home be considered secure if doors and locks are automated and integrated into the smart home? With the smart home, a user should be able to enter the house without a key, solely by communicating with the system. It could even be possible to lock a door from any console within the house, in case the user forgot. I believe the smart home is becoming a reality, and can propel our society into a new way of life as an advanced civilization. My thesis will attempt to provide various ways of making it a reality using current and possible future technologies. Although it will not provide a concrete example of a complete smart home system, that area of expansion exists for future research. Perhaps one day it will become a standard in new home development, and will change how we perform everyday tasks at home.

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Home automation; Household appliances--Automatic control; Household electronics

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Information Sciences and Technologies (GCCIS)


Lutz, Pete

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Niemi, Rayno


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