Randy Pike


A series of novel thermotropic poly(ester-imide-ether)s were synthesized by melt polymerization techniques. The imide dimethyl ester: N-[(carbomethoxy) phenyl]-4-(carbomethoxy) phthalimide, prepared in a series of reactions, was reacted with varying ratios of poly(tetramethylene ether) glycol and 1,6 hexane diol to give the copolymers in 56% to 96% yield. The polymers were characterized by differential scanning calorimetry, dilute solution viscosity, gel permeation chromatography, infrared spectroscopy, thermogravimetric analysis, and polarized optical microscopy. Inherent viscosity values range from 0.40 dl/g to 1.14 dl/g. Gel permeation chromatographic analysis of the initial polymer series showed number average molecular weights ranging from 32,000 g/mol to 100,000 g/mol. Glass transition temperatures range from -46 C to 44 C. The polymer series exhibit moderate thermal stability with thermal decomposition temperatures exceeding 360 C. Copolymers PEI-1-ET-9 (650) and PEI-3-ET-7 (650) showed no mesophase formation. Copolymers PEI-5-ET-5 (650), PEI-7-ET-3 (650), PEI-9-ET-1 (650), PEI-7-ET-3 (2000), PEI-9-ET-1 (2000), PEI-7-ET-3 (2900), and PEI-9-ET-1 (2900) displayed birefringent monotropic liquid-crystalline behavior.

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Polymerization; Polymers--Analysis; Liquid crystals

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School of Chemistry and Materials Science (COS)


Adduci, Jerry


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