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dbProlog is a prototype system that provides a C-Prolog user access to data in an external relational database via both loose and tight coupling. To the application programmer, dbProlog is a group of six built-in Prolog predicates that effect communication between a C-Prolog process and a database management system process. Prolog application program statements may be written using the six predicates to make the interface transparent to an end-user. The system is based on a "driver" process that must be customized to the interfaced DBMS and whose primary function is the translation of requests and replies between C-Prolog and the DBMS. dbProlog supports Prolog's depth-first search on database retrievals by producing the next record when the retrieval predicate is encountered upon backtracking. dbProlog also supports multiple active database retrievals, as may be required by a Prolog rule that references two or more database retrievals, or by a recursive rule.

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Interactive computer systems; Database management; Prolog (Computer program language); Programming languages (Electronic computers)

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Computer Science (GCCIS)


Biles, John

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Anderson, Peter

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Wolf, Walter


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