Through the creation of images of imaginary solar systems my thesis will explore the development of space through the processes of collograph and four-color intaglio-type inversion printmaking with painting. I am interested in the possibility of what we know and can touch, so I create my own visual universes for exploration. Kasimir Malevich influenced my personal exploration. Malevich created his own movement of Suprematism, which enabled him to construct images that had no reference at all to reality. Suprematism refers to the pure feeling in art over art's objectivity. I began treating the surface of the imprinted paper by creating depth out of translucent and opaque levels of color. The visual imagery that I supply the viewer with is an intricate knotting of fluid shapes, much like Irish calligraphy and scroll work, in order to create a texture that depicts a solar system. Depicting the stars use to be considered a scientific and artistic endeavor. My thesis is my artistic interpretation of an unknown galaxy in which the viewer can immerse themselves in movement, depth, imagination and the Sublime. By using simple shapes in order to construct a fictitious environment, I am inviting the everyday viewer to contemplate my space. Deeply embossed collographs become landscape surfaces for painting. The choice of colors results in pulling some shapes forward and pushing others back to create atmospheric perspective. In doing so, I am able to create 3-demenional images on a 2-dementional surface. The technique of Four-Color Intaglio-Type inversion permits creating images from photographs of the collographic boards. Adobe Photoshop will enable manipulation of size, color and saturation levels of the images, which will draw attention to key areas from the original collographic plates. This replicates the way that a telescope with photographic capabilities would function in deep space. This dynamic artistic idea translates the high relief texture of Vincent Van Gogh's paintings to printmaking. This idea was also inspired by the simple geometric forms and organic lines found in the paintings of Kasimir Malevich. My initial experiments suggest that the exploration of these techniques and media will be productive in the creation and expression of the solar systems I envision.

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