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The intent of this thesis is to present a concise summary of the basic processes involved in the pate de verre method of casting glass. The pate de verre process allows one to cast practically any conceivable form into a glass object. Prior to beginning, however, one should give same consideration to the entire process its possibilities and its limitations. Beginning with making glass frit, the techniques covered include experimentation an combining glass frit with ceramic frits to achieve a variety of surfaces not normally available with one glass formula. The ingredients of the plaster mold used to contain the glass frit as it is fired will change based on different properties of each constituent and the effects each has in combination with the other materials and on the glass. Individual personal style and experimentation are the best determinant of which plaster formula and method of casting the mold will produce a superior glass casting. The final stage in the pate de verre process is firing the mold which has been packed with frit to a high enough temperature to melt the glass. The kiln is held for a period of time at the high temperature to allow the frit to fuse completely, flow into and fill the mold. 2 The pate de verre process is flexible, allowing one to sculpt glass into forms not normally achieved with other glass-working processes. The glass casting, once fired, takes en characteristics that evoke other media marble, quartz, stone quite unlike our normal associations with glass. Yet the piece retains that quality of glass I find most fascinating and alluring the ability to capture the light that passes into the glass body and reflect it back out. It is these characteristics the enduring appearance of material and the hint of life and glow from within that enable my sculptural work to begin to speak about life and its struggles, our fragility and our strength.

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