Please seek out the real purpose of this report in the photographs. It is with these images that I have tried to communicate what I have thought, felt, and dreamt. My work is experimental in technique. The images are created as fantasies juxtaposed with the tradition of design, figure, line, planes of dimension, and overall composition. By using color materials in a non-conventional way, I am exploring the range of photographic possibilities with color, form, drama, emotion, mystery, and life. Photography functions beautifully for these narrative elements because of its ability to transform a real event into something mysterious, removed from , but still a part of, reality. During the time the thesis was developing, my emphasis was directed toward recording visions. Daily passages of nightly dreams were remembered and recorded in my journal (the journal and pen remained bedside) to facilitate remembrance of color, actors, and stage settings, the dream theater revealed. From these performances, I formulated the direction of characters, colors, textures, and setting to be presented in the photographic medium. Beginning with the blackness which is essential to the dramatics, the pictures are wonderfully colorful, filled with intentionally chosen spaces, line, light, and mystique that surfaced on the print. In this way, I have tried to fill this photographic space with life and color in hopes of enhancing visual awareness.

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Photography, Abstract; Photography, Artistic

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