Color in the computing environment, once considered a luxury, is becoming more available compared to being just the occasional exception. As the number of users exploring the uses of color through displayed and printed images increases, the problems associated with its use are becoming widely known. What worked in black and white is not easily translated into color. The use of color needs to begin with the basic understanding of what is color, its terminology and its utilization as an enhancement to communications tool. Only after the basic terminology and effective means of communication are understood will color flourish as a successful means of communication in the computing environment. Currently, a number of products are seen as solutions in the realm of color usage in the computing environment. Four different contributions, PostScript Level 2 (Adobe), PhotoYCC(Eastman Kodak), Pantone Matching System (Pantone), and TekHVC (Tektronix), each deliver a component of electronic color reproduction. PostScript Level 2 delivers consistent color from monitor to printer, with variations based on printer manufacture and the printing technology utilized. PhotoYCC defines a format for image capture and retrieval with a wealth of possibilities for image sources. Pantone Matching System expands the accessibility of simulated prepress work, coupled with ink formulation and quality control. Tektronix attempted to define TekHVC as an industry standard based on a more uniform color space than that which is defined by previous industry standards. Because of the lack of acceptance, Tektronix has limited this solution to their printers. Solutions are abundant, but as costs continue to fall, the expectation of consistent color will rise. The adoption of standards across operating environments and software packages is critical to continued increase of the use of color in the computing environment.

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