Previous work has shown evidence that some emulsion stabilizers can prevent rearrangement of adsorbed silver sulfide to a photographically active form. Full gold plus sulfur sensitization may be achieved by simultaneous introduction of the sensitizers or by adding gold after sulfur sensitization. As gold sensitization of an already optimally sulfur-sensitized emulsion may instead involve a direct chemical reaction, the effect of stabilizers on gold sensitization may not parallel their effect on sulfur sensitization. The stabilizers 6-methyl-4-hydroxy-l , 3 , 3a , 7-tet razaindene and l-phenyl-5-mercaptotetrazole retard but do not prevent gold sensitization in a sulfur sensitized emulsion. This may suggest that gold sensitization does not involve a rearrangement or other secondary process with which a stabilizer could interfere.

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Photographic emulsions; Stabilizing agents

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School of Photographic Arts and Sciences (CIAS)


Carroll, Burt

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Rickmers, A.


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