Jesse Bickel


Dreams are a nightly phenomenon that everyone experiences. They are full of vivid imagery, imagination, and emotion. Using dreams as a rich source of inspiration I created wooden objects and furniture for the bedroom, the place where dreams occur. Even though dreams vary from person to person, there are common themes that can be found regardless of culture or gender. I tried to combine those themes with unique and specific imagery from my own dreams. Capturing the intangible quality of dreams proved to be difficult. A dream is like a memory, at times clear and intense, or contrastingly brief and forgettable. The subject matter can be on the tip of your tongue and yet you cannot recall any of it. Trying to grasp that concept and realizing the implications involved took awhile. I discovered that I could not recreate dreams, but what I could do was create a kind of visual journal. I kept a dream journal throughout this experience and soon noticed that I was not really recording my dreams. I was writing down enough information to jog my mind into remembering the dream, which I could then reconstruct in my head. I attempted to do the same thing with physical objects to create a physically tangible, yet still fleeting world. One focus of mine was to create artwork that many people could relate to and experience. A more personal goal was to delve into a new world of inspiration and form unlike any I had previously experienced and travel through a journey of self-discovery in my subconscious. As for the audience, I hope they are taken on an equally insightful journey through their own imaginations with a little visual help from my work.

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Wood sculpture--Themes, motives; Wood sculpture--Technique; Bedroom furniture--Themes, motives; Bedroom furniture--Technique; Dreams in art

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School of Design (CIAS)


Buck, Andy

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Rogers, Michael


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