The environment draws great attention today from many people and businesses. Some companies are beginning to play off these concerns in their marketing approach, while others dodge the topic at all turns. While many people feel we have serious environmental problems, others do not. It is a subject with which everyone is, perhaps, too hasty in their judgment. This thesis project encourages behavioral awareness and provides information from a multitude of sources so that a practical, rather than radical, view may develop. Information surrounding issues about the environment appear in many diverse publications. The sources of information, as well as the information itself, are very broad. This thesis project, Design, Graphic Arts, and the Environ ment, brings a great number of these sources together. The proposed publication discusses many different topics. More detailed information, if desired by the reader, may be found by consulting the extensive list of references supplied. This project focuses on environmental issues from the standpoint of a designer, graphic artist, or printer. These people, while often restricted by a client, make many decisions affecting the environment. They must realize their pivotal position between industry and customers, and between technical and marketing people. They must use their knowledge and position of influence for the benefit of all, including the environment. This project covers six main topics. Part One addresses paper, focusing on recycled papers and environmental labeling organizations. Part Two, Bleaching, looks at the needs, methods and effects of this paper unit operation. Part Three discusses printing inks and the concern of pigments and oils used in their com position. Part Four then investigates de-inking methods and the problems associated with them. Packaging, Part Five, describes the function of this indus try and analyzes some packaging materials being used. Lastly, Standards & Regulations, Part Six, looks at the government's role in environmental issues. An appendix follows with organizations to contact for further information. An addi tional appendix includes two sample issues of the proposed publication. The thesis project presents information about varied, yet related topics, in the hopes of generating environmental interest in readers. People are encour aged to read further about a specific subject; this thesis is not meant to provide solutions, but rather information. The condition of the environment is an enormous and critical topic that has the potential to affect everyone. When people sense that their behavior can have an impact, albeit small, on a large problem, they can and often do change their behavior. Ideally, everyone should consider their environment in their daily decision mak ing. For persons working in the design, graphic arts and printing industries, this thesis project provides the type of information, or access to it, needed to make those decisions.

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Printing industry--Environmental aspects; Industrial design--Environmental aspects; Graphic arts--Environmental aspects; Packaging--Environmental aspects

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School of Print Media (CIAS)


Sanderson, Erin


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