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As a Complex Director for Residence Life I have had to deal with many questions regarding life in the RIT apartment complexes. As an Editor I recognize the need for clear and easily accessible answers to commonly asked questions. This multimedia presentation should address both these issues. Created was a presentation for students that are interested in renting an apartment on campus. Currently there is nothing available, beyond a pamphlet, to help them make an informed choice about where to live. This presentation will aid the Department of Residence Life in their impact on occupancy because it will state clearly the advantages of living in the apartments connected to the cam pus. This presentation is ideal for transfer students who are unfamiliar with what RIT can provide for its residents. Included in the presentation are text, graphics, and a video describing the living accommodations and services offered to apartment residents. (Appendix A is a general outline of the presentation.) The Department of Residence Life has given their full approval and support to the project. Members of the department have evaluated the work, as it was completed, checking for accuracy and ensuring that the information is easily understood. While the presentation answers commonly asked questions it also re-inforces the idea that RIT is at the cutting edge of technology. By creating a multimedia presentation for Residence Life we will show students that RIT is able to implement the current technology they have been learning about in the news. This presentation was created primarily through the use of the program HyperStudio. This program was chosen because it is fairly easy to learn thus giving the Residence Life Department the opportunity to adapt the program quickly as changes occur in the information presented. In creating this presenation the computers in the Apartment Area office at Residence Life, a personal computer, and the IEPL lab were used. The Department of Residence Life may not be able to use the presentation because of budget constraints. Recommendations for use and possible expansion have been included should the necessary funding become available.

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Interactive multimedia--Technique; Interactive multimedia--Themes, motives; Rochester Institute of Technology--Student housing--Interactive multimedia

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