Device color gamut plays a crucial role in ICC-based color management systems. Accurately visualizing a device's gamut boundary is important in the analysis of color conversion and gamut mapping. ICC profiles contain all the information which can be used to better understand the capabilities of the device. This thesis project has implemented a printer profile visualization software. The project uses A2B 1 tag in a printer profile as gamut data source, then renders gamut of device the profile represents in CIELAB space with a convex hull algorithm. Gamut can be viewed interactively from any view points. The software also gets the gamut data set using CMM with different intent to do color conversion from a specified printer profile to a generic lab profile (short for A2B conversion) or from a generic CIELAB profile to a specified printer pro file and back to the generic CIELAB profile (short for B2A2B). Gamut can be rendered as points, wire frame or solid surface. Two-dimension a*b* and L*C* gamut slice analytic tools were also developed. The 2D gamut slice algorithm is based on dividing gamut into small sections according to lightness and hue angle. The point with maximum chroma on each section can be used to present a*b* gamut slice on a constant lightness plane or L*C* gamut slice on a constant hue angle plane. Gamut models from two or more device profiles can be viewed in the same window. Through the comparison, we can better understand the device reproduction capacities and proofing problems. This thesis also explained printer profile in details, and examined what gamut data source was the best for gamut visualization. At the same time, some gamut boundary descriptor algorithms were discussed. Convex hull algorithm and device space to CIELAB space mapping algorithm were chosen to render 3D gamut in this thesis project. Finally, an experiment was developed to validate the gamut data generated from the software. The experiment used the same method with profile visualization software to get gamut data set source from Photoshop 6.0. The results of the experiment were showed that the data set derived from visualization software was consistent with those from Photoshop 6.0.

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Color printing--Digital techniques; Computer graphics--Computer programs; Three-dimensional imaging; Colorimetry

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