This is the written document to accompany the thesis project Passionate Hours (ill. 11). The project consists of five paintings arranged into a U-shaped configuration with one large panel in the center and two smaller panels on each side. The paintings are predominantly in primary colors and depict scenes from the Passion of Christ interspersed with scenes from the Old Testament. The panels present a nightmarish vision due to the expressive style with which I painted the figures. In the following pages, I will explain the meaning of the paintings, the theology behind the them, and the process of their creation. I divided this explanation into four parts: "Events of the Passion", "Doctrine Concerning the Passion", "Process", and finally Passionate Hours. "Events of the Passion" consists mostly of quotations from the Gospel according to Matthew recording the events of the Passion. As the project is about the Passion, I felt that the reader should know the scriptural sources. Throughout the passages, though, I have included explanations of some of the people and their motives. I have also put into bold type the passages which I used in the paintings. Concerning the bold type, the reader may note that the quotations recorded here are not the same as what are on the paintings. That is because of the different versions used. I used the King James version in the paintings, but, for the sake of clarity, I used the New International version here in the written part of the project. In "Doctrine Concerning the Passion," I shall briefly explain of the theology behind the crucifixion of Christ. This is very important because I'm not simply discussing the beliefs of a certain Western subculture, I'm discussing my_ beliefs about the significance of the Passion. Had I not been a Christian, I almost certainly would not have done this thesis. These paintings came forth from my faith in my Lord Christ Jesus. Later in the thesis I will often mention the emotion of the work. "Doctrine" attempts to explain why I feel so strongly towards my Savior and thus, the painting. The section entitled "Process" is actually divided into three parts. In the first part I discuss how I got started on the project. In the second part, I reveal what I researched to prepare for the project and how the gained knowledge was actually applied. In the third part, I discuss the process of creating the paintings themselves. Finally, in Passionate Hours, also in three parts, I observe and analyze the paintings' content, characteristics, and the materials used.

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