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Many advances have been made in the study of genetics over the past decade. The ultimate goal of this research is to develop medical applications which would provide a cure for the many fatal genetically linked diseases to which conventional medicine has been only able to alleviate symptoms at best. The concept of gene therapy is based on a belief that the expression of a specific amount of functional copies of the mutated gene in the appropriate tissue could cure the disease. The Genome project is an international quest to map the entire human genome by the year 2005. This project has proven to be a major step in the science of Gene Therapy. With the mutated gene responsible for the disease located, researchers can concentrate their efforts on methods of delivering normal versions of the gene to the necessary site. This paper looks at the developments of genetics which have led to the possibility of medical application. The four diseases illustrated in this paper are among those at the forefront of genetic research. The illustrations were created with an editorial purpose in mind. They were designed for a scientific magazine which would target a general public audience. Each disease is represented by a cover illustration, as well as a descriptive illustration of the treatment procedure which would accompany the article. The articles would be part of a four month special focus on research and developments in gene therapy.

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Gene therapy; Gene therapy--Pictorial works; Medical illustration--Technique

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