The aesthetics of healing

Patricia Chandler

Note: imported from RIT’s Digital Media Library running on DSpace to RIT Scholar Works in December 2013.


Taking deep refuge with the work, while there is still time, beforehand, was the purpose of this return to school at age 53. To have two years of unbroken work time was my shortterm goal. The long-term goal was to embark upon a disciplined course of work from which a unified theme and related ideas could emerge. Through the course of the MFA program three ideas took shape in my paintings: a study of women's visual work and feminist theory and criticism; realism; and intuitive abstract and semi-abstract images connected to autobiography and/or nature. This paper will describe how those separate directions arose and began to interact and intersect with each other. This is just the beginning of my work along these three lines, and each egually interests me. Their points of converqence have produced new ideas, promising opportunities for research and discovery.