Jaiik Lee


The purpose of my art is to express the mystery of life. Through the shaping of material mass, I induce my work to influence space and time in an attempt to discover special meaning about the life phenomenon of all creatures from the beginning of time to their present manifestations today. The origin of life has been the subject of numerous debates including those pitting creationism against evolution and churchmen against scientists. There remain, however, discoveries and artifacts like ancient fish fossils, that connect features of our humans ancestors with other living organisms. Perhaps this is a riddle that will never be solved and an assignment that cannot be completed. I cannot define what truth is in regards to this issue and can only guess that the beginning of life started somewhere along the line. I can, however, define the process for seeking the truth about the nature of life without hesitation: It is `Evolution', part of the title for my work `Evolutionary Stream'. Evolution is a metaphor for life and also a paradox of life at the same time, because it reveals that many historical debates and controversies are useless. Most important to me in relationship to this issue is the facts that we are now living and breathing beings who have developed as one of the great creatures of our universe and that we continually struggle to evolve and develop our life's future. The different sculptural forms depicted in my work show the mysterious nature of life, Not only of human beings, but of everything that is alive. My desire was to create a dynamic yet harmonious relationship between form and surface, and capture the critical moments of any creature's efforts to live and move forward.

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Metal sculpture--Themes, motives; Metal scupture--Technique; Life in art

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School for American Crafts (CIAS)


Caballero-Perez, Juan

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Bushnell, Eileen


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