This thesis examines some of the institutions and organizations that play an important role in food research and product development. Packaging practices, issues and strategies in both the public and private sectors in evidence throughout Thailand are also explored. To gain a better perspective of packaging strategies in Thailand, political and economic considerations in the Asia Pacific region are taken into account. Since packaging and packaging materials are vital to growing and newly emerging economies, just as they are to mature economies, issues pertaining to seafoods, pineapples and other fruits, packaged drinks, beer, the packaging of processed chicken and duck meat products are also discussed. It is to be noted that in 1960, agriculture was the leading sector in Thailand's economy contributing 40 percent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) while manufacturing made up only 12.5 percent. By 1981, manufacturing had replaced agriculture as the largest sector. In 1989, the share of manufacturing output in the GDP had risen to 26 percent while that of agriculture had declined to 15 percent. By 1995 agriculture had fallen as low as 13 percent of GDP, while manufacturing had increased to 30 percent and had become more diversified in terms of both products and market outreach. Major findings on general trends in packaging and trends for the use of particular packaging materials or methods lead to significant restructuring of many companies in Thailand. In conclusion, although packaging in Thailand is in the primary stage of development, it is an area of real growth opportunity, especially in relation to import replacements for items such as Kraft and for packaging which is more consumer-oriented than technology-oriented. Packaging in relation to the environment and the energy component of packaging will continue to be important political issues. Also, many new packaging developments in recent years can be related to the impact of changing energy costs and of plastic resins.

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