Study of the graininess models using the macintosh computers

Apiwat Nutavej

Note: imported from RIT’s Digital Media Library running on DSpace to RIT Scholar Works in December 2013.


This study attempts to develop a Macintosh program that is able to simulate the photographic graininess models, to perform a Fast Fourier Transform, to plot a three dimensional graph, and to display a digitized image. Because of these four integrated functions, the program could become a useful tool in Imaging Science. The potential advantages include ease of use and the visual interaction between computer and user. When comparing the simulation results among three density models and four granularity models of random dots used in this study, the answers are found to be in close agreement with the hypothetical equations, with no significant statistical error as a results. The simulations shows that the granularity increases with the density and the dot size. This study also serves as an example of programming the Macintosh in Pascal language. The techniques to incorporate a Macintosh User Interface in the program are explained in detailed.