Advancements in the field of chip fabrication has facilitated in integrating more number of transistors in a given area which lead to the era of multi-core processors. Interconnect became the bottleneck for the multi-core processors as the number of cores in a chip increased. The traditional bus based architectures, which are currently used in the processors, cannot scale up to support the increasing number of cores in a multi-core chip. Hence, Network-on-Chip (NoC) is the preferred communication backbone for modern multicore chips. However, the multi-hop data transmission using wireline interconnects result in high energy dissipation and latency. Hence, many alternative interconnect technologies have been proposed such as 3D, wireless, and photonic interconnects. These interconnect technologies have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Photonic interconnects have emerged as a promising alternative to the conventional metal/dielectric based on-chip wireline interconnects. Several novel architectures have been proposed using photonic waveguides as interconnects, which are capable of reducing the energy dissipation in data transfer significantly. However, the issues of reliability arising due to waveguide losses and adjacent channel crosstalk in photonic waveguides have not received much attention till date. In this paper we propose and evaluate the performance of a photonic NoC architecture designed by segmenting the waveguides into smaller parts to limit the waveguide losses and signal degradation from electro-optic devices. Through detailed system level simulations in this work we compare the performance of the MSB-PNoC with other PNoC architectures proposed in the recent literature and establish its gains over completely electronic mesh based counterparts.

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