Joanna Poag


I plan to make sculpture using modules to build monolithic structures. The sculptures will explore equilibrium as it relates to an interaction and balance between elements. Weight, both visual and physical, will be a key focus of each piece. The sculptures incorporate gravity and mass in a way that exaggerates or defies the weight of the pieces. The formal strategy of breaking symmetry is employed to develop sculptures that incorporate gravity and mass and express visual movement in opposition to predictable mathematical sequencing. Line is used as a sculptural means to explore form. It has been used in a way that highlights the expressive quality of a structured system. Empedocles stated that equilibrium is the balance of right (correct) proportions. It is the "generally proportional relationship (in that) health means a particular balance between...components" (Mainzer 52). This exhibition seeks to explore existing structures, orders, and balances within the scientific world through the means of homeostasis. Homeostasis (specifically an open system, as it interacts with the outside environment) is "the maintenance of metabolic equilibrium within an organism by a tendancy to compensate for disrupting changes. (It is) a universal tendency in all living matter to maintain constancy in the face of internal and external pressures" (Howell, 54). Homeostasis is the process of maintaining balance within a natural system. It suggests movement and change without connoting upheaval and disorder; it is a regulation of the system's inner workings.

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Ceramic sculpture--Themes, motives; Ceramic sculpture--Technique; Mathematics in art; Equilibrium

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School for American Crafts (CIAS)


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