In today’s literature, there is not one clear definition for ‘Human Augmentation’ and quite often, it is used interchangeably with the term ‘Human Enhancement’. Human enhancement is a field that has relatively more research and has a broader definition that encompasses both invasive and non-invasive procedures aimed at restoring or enhancing the capabilities of the human body. Medicine, implants, genetic engineering – there are some examples of procedures attributed to human enhancement. On the other hand, the word ‘augment’ is defined as the addition or making something better; this research will focus and narrow down the definition of Human Augmentation to the use of technology to add to or to improve the natural human capabilities. Then, using a system engineering approach, we will propose a conceptual model of human augmentation; defining how we can apply existing research and technology, like concepts used in prosthetics, robotics and artificial intelligence, to human augmentation.

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Master's Project

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Engineering Management (ME)


Ghalib Kahwaji

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Slim Saidi


RIT Dubai