The emerging need for a domestic food waste management system in UAE has opened the door for innovations in managing food activities to minimizing waste. At present, there are no specific strategies or solutions effective enough to considerably reduce domestic food waste. This project mainly covers objective, methodology, waste identification tools and techniques, and strategy creation for system improvement. The results obtained from several surveys conducted to study the food habits of the people were used in this project to develop a strategy to reduce food waste. Smart systems are gaining high demand in various fields of the markets as they are proven to be significantly helpful in improving the efficiency in the field of use. Here, we have briefly explored an aspect of food waste reduction by means of a smart inventory tracking system. We have introduced a useful tool that can assist people at each stages of household operations such as planning, shopping, storing, and consuming, which in turn can help the global ambition to cut food waste by 50% by 2030.

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Master's Project

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Slim Saidi


RIT Dubai